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The RESource System™ provides the tools for environmental inspectors to collect field data digitally during the Phase 1 environmental assessment and produce a comprehensive and standardized report.

With the standardization of the real estate assessment industry brought about by lenders and ASTM, the RESource System™ is the only technology solution that streamlines and enhances real estate evaluation. Based on industry-leading experience and continually refined field and management procedures to ensure your next project is timely, efficient and quality-assured.

Standardize the quality and consistency of field data by improving the tools utilized by environmental professionals.

The RESource System™ utilizes three integrated components to streamline and standardize the environmental assessment process.


With RECon site inspectors are provided with a complete field reconnaissance process complete with checklists and forms to systematically collect data using personal digital assistant (PDA) technology. Data is entered and shared by all system components.


REPort is a web-based data entry and report generation through the RESource portal allows RECon data to be downloaded and compiled into a comprehensive report.
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REView is a web-based technology enables project managers, clients and consultants to review reports and certify data from any location maximizing efficiency and timing.